101 Ways To Get FREE Traffic

Most of us could do with more traffic to our website or offers. There are many courses, guides & programs online to help you with this but most involve paid traffic and because Free traffic methods are often time consuming and slow to show results, people often opt for the paid advertising option.

Although search engines like google are great source of traffic, getting on that first page is extremely difficult if you’re not paying them to promote you. More and more of these sites are displaying paid ads over general links. Type any general search term in google and I can almost guarantee that half of the results on the first page are paid ads. Throw in some Youtube entries and you don’t have a lot of space left for for your link.

So what’s the answer?
Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you over 100 different ways to get FREE traffic. You could try them all but I would recommend only trying a couple of methods which you feel comfortable with. You will find that different methods will be more suited to your skill-set & business than others.

If you have any suggestions or experiences with these method, please share them in the comments below.

1. Write Guest Posts

Search for guest post opportunities. Do your research on the audience and suggest a topic as part of your request for a guest posting opportunity. Your posts will most likely contain a link back to your site. Yes, you are building someone else’s site BUT you are also building credibility/authority for yourself and your brands.

In fact I welcome guest bloggers on a number of my sites. So if you have something of value to add in any Internet Marketing niche and would like the opportunity to add that to this website, let me know via the contact page.

2. Create Valuable Content

Your content will not be very valuable to anyone if you simply copy what someone else done. In fact, you will be penalized by search engines. Even if you base your content on what someone else has done before (like this article), make it your own. Make yours different. Improve on it, personalize it, update the content so that it is current. In fact there is a whole industry out there using this very same method – It’s called PLR.

A fantastic way to get started with PLR is with the Niche Marketing Kit – Well worth the investment!

3. Offer Freebies

One of the best ways to get people’s attention is to give them something for nothing, A FREEBIE.
Sadly most FREE stuff out there is next to useless – often very outdated courses or plugins.

Ensure that the Freebie you’re giving away is of  high quality and make sure that it’s something that people can actually use. If it’s something that’s currently be sold let people know that it normally sells for $X. If not, let them know how much it will cost when your promotion is over.

You can offer freebies in exchange for such things as an email address, participating in a contest, sharing something on their social media account etc etc etc. If simply visiting your site of performing simple tasks is all that it takes to save them a possible $X in the future, then they’re likely to visit your site.

Here are some FREEBIES for you!

4. Create A Course

There is a growing demand to get information that is relevant to a person’s needs (how to solve a problem for them) and as such there are hundreds of courses being offered online. Some of these are free while others are paid for.

Information is valuable and people are cashing in on it. Entice readers with a series of posts, videos, or even automated emails teaching them how to do or achieve something. In it’s basic form, if someone is looking for something it is to find a solution to a problem they have – Give it to them and they will thank you!

Here is an example of my FREE series of 8 videos related to affiliate marketing.

5. Interview Influencers In Your Field

Interviews may be video, audio or simply a transcript of a conversation that you have with that person.
By interviewing influencers in your field, you are not only increasing the value of your brand (You), but your site visitors experience on your site. You are also building an important relationship with someone in your field which will help to make YOU an authority. There is also a good chance that a number of their followers  will come your way to hear what their favorite guru shared with you.

Sorry, no link here – You’ll have to do some homework!

6. Tweet Often

Using automated content programs can be so easy and have their place, but since Twitter is a social arena the best way to get retweeted is to be yourself, be original. Don’t be shy, share your thoughts and allow Twitter to show a bit of who you are, and your followers will be more likely to want to read your latest post or watch your latest video, not to mention sharing it with their followers. It’s what friends do, right?

7. Don’t Forget About Your Facebook Page

If you haven’t already got yourself a Facebook page then I suggest you do so as soon as you can.
Make sure that you use it regularly and keep it up to date. Try saying “Happy Birthday” to your friends. Add a “like” box to your page and encourage your Friends & Followers to share with each other. And remember – Facebook isn’t anonymous. A simple, personal “thank you” acknowledging what they have done for you goes a long way and encourages them to share more of your content in the future.

8. Use Infographics

Sites such as reddit, digg, and even 9gag.com,  using infographics can bring you a lot of traffic quickly. Why? Because people like to absorb information as rapidly as possible, and if that information is detailed or extensive, it’s easier to stay focused if there is a strong visual aspect. There is an old adage “A picture is worth a thousand word” – BELIEVE IT!

9. Create A List Of Hints & Tips

Almost everyone has a number of tips &r tricks that they use almost without realizing it.
Focus on what how you do things differently from most others and create a blog post, a pdf or e-book about them. It could be something as simple as how you are organizing your home office to how you save hours by editing videos using a certain package or hack. Whatever it is, put it in a document and share it with people.

10. Create Helpful Tutorials

People love to watch DIY videos. Youtube has made a very profitable business capitalising on the seeminly endless hunger for videos. It doesn’t really matter what your video is about as long as you can speak knowledgeably on the subject and make them interesting for the viewer. Bloggers, chefs, trainers etc are just a few who have been doing this for years. Why not create a five minute video showing a part of your day that is unique to your business? Perhaps even create a series of videos based on the Hints and Tips list from #9 above!

11. Create a Contest

People love contests. They love being able to “achieve” a certain rank or being in a draw to win something especially if it’s FREE. Your contest can be a one-off or a regular contest for your site visitors that encourages them to share your content or refer someone THEY know which is great for building a following.

You can even track links to see how many subscribers someone has referred, or you can just do it lottery style by offering a prize to a randomly-selected member once you’ve reached a certain subscriber count.

12. Use Social Sharing Plugins/Buttons

I can’t imagine why but many people still choose not to add social sharing buttons to their work. Maybe they just don’t like the way it looks. Well, aesthetics aside, you will do more harm than good by neglecting to provide these buttons.

If someone likes your content and are in the mood to share it with their friends and you don’t give them an easy way to do it, they will either simply not share your work or they’ll click over to say Facebook to post the link themselves and once they’re on Facebook, good luck getting their attention back on your content.

13. Connect with Your Audience Via Podcast

For awhile, it seemed like everyone forgot about podcasting. But it’s on the rise again, and with good reason. Being able to subscribe to a podcast means your audience is connecting with your voice and hearing your thoughts, which keeps your words top of mind when they are in a position to recommend you to someone else.


More to come

As you can imagine this post is taking quite a while to put together and I will be adding to it regularly until I get to at least 101. Come back soon to see the changes.


Don’t forget to comment below!

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