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10x Social – What Is It?

10x Social is a software that is used for marketing and it works primarily using the combination of emails, video, and SMS, or text messaging to be able to generate more sales as well as acquire more potential leads for your business.

The way 10 x Social works is by helping to generate internet traffic back to your website, landing page, product, or service. 10X Social was created and developed by Neil Napier, a top 1% seller who has been creating and selling products since 2013 and has amassed a whopping 120,500+ sales to date.

In a nutshell, 10x social is software that is a powerful tool that combines the power of email, SMS, and chat artificial intelligence to get you 10x more engagement, traffic, leads, and sales instantly from blogs, any website, and Facebook.

Neil also runs a company called KV Technology Limited and he claims that his company creates products that change lives.

Some of Neil’s famous software products include:

Spyvio, which helps you to spy on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and even get to spy on Google Ads using Rapid ‘Detection & Monitoring’ Technology.

Clickvio which is a groundbreaking drag-and-drop email builder which helps you get 4x more opens, clicks & profits with your existing autoresponder

14-Day List Building Training responsible for generating 1,000 new subscribers

If you ever wondered why email marketing really works, it is because it all starts with building a comprehensive list. And although building a list might not be the easiest thing to do, using 10x Social is the perfect software app for growing your email list.

Using 10x Social you are able to maintain your business page or build one from scratch if you don’t have one, then use that business page as a lead generation asset.

10x Social – How it works

As a business owner or a freelancer professional providing a service to businesses, using 10x Social, you are able to warm your leads up and follow up using automated SMS, emails, and messenger scheduling. Let 10x Social follow up on your leads in a manner that uses email and SMS in its own very unique way.

Facebook is a great place to scout for potential hot leads for your business but if you are doing it manually, they could easily be lost track of and that is why 10x Social will help you stop losing hot leads from Facebook by keeping track of them. It even has Facebook personas for providing good customer service robots or ‘’bots’’ if you happen to have multiple business pages or fan pages.

10x Social automates the process of creating surveys and running them for your business while you focus on other aspects of your business.

If you are a business that sells products and services that have an educational aspect to it, for example, your customers might need to be taught how to use certain software or how to assemble the dog house, You could therefore also sell your video courses and publish them using 10x Social.

Ever heard of TTS? TTS stands for text to speech and is useful for having an advanced automated voice to present your speech or script if you don’t want to go through the process of hiring a professional voice-over artist. Text to Speech tools are great for marketing purposes and save you a lot on the budget and time.

A quality text to speech software program will sound close to as natural as a real human voice sounds and the way it works is by typing in a body of text and the auto voice will be generated using AI.

Or how about you use 10x Social to give your business a power boost by setting it up to send product and service information to your leads, this is also perfect for when you are having promotions or specials taking place within the business. This tool has been specially designed by marketers for marketers, so you already know what that means.

10x Social – Demo

10x Social – Features

10X Social has quite a lot of features that make it a tool worth having. Some of the features which stood out the most include the ability to send broadcast messages like video, audio, surveys, and more.

Send follow up SMS’s just within a click of a button instead of having to send each one individually, that’ll just take forever to get done.

A Chat AI bot is there to ensure that all your contacts have been replied to, from your emails to any messaging you get on your phone even.

Has a powerful traffic post creator and Facebook list-builder called the Post Composer.

Personalized Avatars will enable you to use a virtual persona that can be easily backed by an actual human or even a bot.

Get a Response going out to all the comments that are coming from people who signed up on your fan page or business page using a feature called Comment Guards, comment guards respond with only the highest of interactive contents which makes building a list for your business or brand, even more, easier and fast.

Using a ticket system or getting people to fill in a form if they want to enquire about something is pretty much the old method of doing things and might end up hurting your conversions. Look at big companies like Bluehost who have a chat function on their website for a reason, because they are more personalized and effective, the good part is that you can get to have the exact same function called a Chat Widget which will make it easier to start conversations with visitors that are coming to your website as well as for your already existing returning customers.

Connect any major autoresponder that you use, will be compatible with the 10x social software as it allows functionality from various major autoresponders, Getresponse and Convertkit are some of the best email marketing platforms that have great powerful autoresponders that can be custom made and tailored to your specific needs and have been trusted by many businesses all over the world.

Sharing to other Facebook groups.

Post Finder.

Use Post Embed to boost the reach of your post by having it embedded onto your business website, blog, and business pages.

Integration with your SMS provider so that whatever you need to handle on your phone becomes a seamless process just within a click.

10x Social – Pricing & Upsells

Front End – 10X Social: $37 – $47

Access the powerful 10X Social software and training modules.

  • Send Personal Video Messages Inside Facebook Messenger
  • Broadcasts (video, voice, audio)
  • Text to Speech
  • Comment Guards
  • Post Composer
  • Bonus: Chat Widget

Upsell #1 – Unlimited: $67

  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Videos
  • FB hidden video finder
  • + Commercial license + assets

Upsell #2 – 10xSociPRO: $67 Yearly

  • Unlock all features
  • Post Finder
  • Chatbot AI
  • Follow-up SMS and email (FE can allow collection but this has AR integrations and such)
  • Other broadcasts
  • ​​​​​Recover Leads
  • Personalized Avatars
  • Email address export
  • Phone number export
  • Autoresponder to automatically collect emails.
  • All future features

Upsell #3 – Agency: $197 – $297

  • $197 – access to FE, 50 seats
  • $297 – access to FE + OTO1, unlimited seats

10x Social – What I did like

I like the fact that everything is so accessible through one dashboard and the user interface is easy to navigate, the tools are easy to find and there are no complicated functions or advanced tricks that you would perhaps need a tutorial to figure out.

Some of the automation that takes place saves you a lot of time and labor. 10x social is a savvy lightweight software application suitable for any small to medium-sized business.

You know that the software is a good one when there is artificial intelligence and bots involved to handle all the backend tasks.

The ability of intergrating the major autoresponders is also another good perk that 10x social has.

10x Social – What I did NOT like

The developers could have at least added a bit more data and metrics that are integrated into the system itself.

Having the ability to perform a search engine optimization audit could have also been beneficial to an extent as SEO has a very high impact on digital marketing campaigns yielding very high returns on investment.

Since there is a chat and text function, they might as well have integrated Whatsapp into 10x social as it is the most popular texting platform that most people use, owned by Facebook too.

10x Social – Conclusion

10x Social is a relatively good piece of software that business owners and freelancers can use to develop more leads and gain traffic to their website or ecommerce store.

You will be able to do even way more once you decide to have the premium version, overall it is reasonably priced and worth the investment.

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